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Have you posted a Facebook status today? Have you searched for something on Amazon? Played a game on Microsoft’s Xbox console? You know these brands very well. But you may not have known that through them you also come close to us here at Wistron.

It is for those large global brands that we make our servers and data racks (smart towers, in which the servers are housed). Maybe you shared a tram ride today with a person who assembled the server, on which your Instagram holiday photos are stored.

About us
About us

In the beginning there is a pile of circuits, parts and chips, which we source from the world’s leading manufacturers.

About us

Skillful hands of our employees put them together, turning the components to a top-notch server.

About us

We then assemble the individual servers to so called racks, in layman’s terms smart towers, custom-made exactly to the customer’s specifications.

About us
Data centers

The clients will then build their own data centers from the racks, which run for instance Facebook or Microsoft cloud.

About us
Cutting-edge future

Together, we are taking a part in changes with the ultimate goal to make life a little better every moment for everyone on the planet.

As time went by in Wistron

Over 20 years
of experience
on the innovations market

It was year 2000 when the technological brand Wistron stormed the waters in Taiwan. But our company has been around much longer. It used to be a part of the no less renowned company Acer.

After more than two decades, Wistron deservedly celebrates success which it had to earn. It all started back in 2011 by cooperation with Microsoft, one of our main customers. Today, Wistron is a global brand with 25 branches all around the world. These also include one in the Czech Republic – Brno, where it has been constantly growing for 15 years.

About us
Our own brand

More than 20 years ago, Wistron has split from Acer and started a new era of modern technologies.

Wistron in Brno

Seven years later, the largest production of servers in Central Europe and cooperation with HP started in Brno.

Wistron as a global player

In 2011, Wistron has predicted the direction in which it will go – to the stars. It begun cooperation with Microsoft and has since been servicing the world’s leading brands.

Future is now

Nowadays our clients also include other great brands such as Meta, Fujitsu or Amazon and we have grown into 25 branches all around the world. In Brno alone we employ over 600 people and we keep growing.

Wistron Global

25 branches in 10 countries. Wistron is everywhere, where people want to change the future


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About us
About us
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